How to become a MyTVchain Ambassador?
We are looking for ambassadors like you to recruit and register new sports clubs on MyTVchain. By developing an active club community, ambassadors become the local reference for MyTVchain.
Who are the ambassadors ?
The MyTVchain Ambassadors Program is a unique opportunity for you to have a direct impact on your local sports community, building your blockchain and sports reputation. By joining us, you enter the team. It also means that you will have total support on a wide range of opportunities in your local community, such as participating in local events, organizing meetings in the sports world while developing social communication of the sporting ecosystem.
Sports Enthusiasts
Desiring to share MyTVchain's mission in his region.
Sports Influencers
Who know how to gather and create strong links with the sports community.
Sports Managers
Having experience in commercial animation or community management.
What is the role of ambassador ?
Recruit new MyTVchain user clubs: Register or register clubs in your area on MyTVchain.
Make the voice of your community heard by announcing new clubs and sharing the different upcoming lives.
Make at least one publication per week on social media and identify the posts with @mytvchain and #mytvchain
Help MyTVchain to create a world where every sports club masters its video communication and remains master of all its content.
What are we looking for?
Ambassadors able to :
Develop experience as a leader of an influential community.
Intervene during workshops and meetings with sports clubs, and much more!
Connect with community actors who share your values by cooperating with a group of other community ambassadors.
Exclusive access to educational content about the community, events and good practices to follow on social networks.
What do you earn ?
You earn MyTV tokens for each club you recruit with a minimum of 2 videos per web TV.
A ranking of the best Ambassadors will be made and the best ambassador of each region will be awarded a contract of Advisor MyTVchain with 500 000 MyTV tokens to the key!
From 0 to 5 clubs
You will get: 1 000 MyTV tokens / club
From 6 to 20 clubs
You will get: 1 250 MyTV tokens / club
From 21 to 50 Clubs
You will get: 1 500 MyTV tokens / club
More than 51 clubs
You will get: 2 000 MyTV tokens / club
Don't wait anymore, join the MyTVchain team!
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