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Corneliu Fridgant, First Investor of MyTVchain
Par Manu TEBIB - 17 November 2018 à 17:31




Corneliu Fridgant, you are the first Investor of MyTVchain. What is MyTVchain and what kind of services can your company provide ?


MyTVchain is the first Web TV platform dedicated to sports clubs and athletes powered by Blockchain technology.

MyTVchain provides sports clubs the ability to create their personal Web TV with added tools to help engage and entertain their community (fans, friends, families..) while generating additional revenue to finance other club related activities.

Economic models based on web advertising are on the decline which forces sports clubs to find new sources of financing. With MyTVchain and the power of Blockchain, it's the community who take back control of their content which creates the value. The users, or MyTVchainers, are rewarded with tokens for each video they watch and share. They can also give a portion of their tokens to their favorite sports club,  purchase services from club web TV's channel (subscription, exclusive videos, etc.) or give tokens to a video crew to improve the quality of the broadcast.


Why an ICO and not a traditional form of investment ?


A traditional form of investment is best only if we are doing a traditional project. 

Our model is based on Blockchain technology and tokens used to organise rewards programs, guaranty valued views on each videos, or to trace and secure all transactions on MyTVchain. Which is why an ICO is best for because there is a direct correlation with the value of the tokens exchanged on MyTVchain. The ICO was for us a logical choice and allows us to anticipate a more ambitious growth with higher amounts raised than a traditional investment.


What does MyTVchain propose to its community ?


MyTVchain's mission is to help sports clubs generate more revenues, increase their visibility on the internet, and boost the development of sports channels. We are building a new social model in which sports clubs and viewers negotiate directly via the Blockchain, thereby removing the need for intermediaries.

MyTVchain is developed around three main principles : help sports clubs finance their activities, return the rights to their content, and boost growth. Our three main principles aim to modify revenue management in order to move in a new era of value creation for sports communities.

Our vision is to propose a personal web TV for every sports club and former athletes. MyTVchain is based on a freemium model, allowing sports clubs to add extra services that can be purchased by their viewers where they can also win some tokens while watching and sharing videos.

Our unique offer is to provide a free tool, easy to use and profitable to help finance sports clubs and actively contribute to their development in terms of notoriety, community and values.

MyTVchain has developped an autonomous and decentralized video platform in which the value of the content is recognized everywhere and where all contributors are instigated to expand a long-term economic growth for their club. 


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