Eric Alexander Ceret, Advisor for MyTVchain
Par shirley - 14 January 2019 à 12:59



Eric Alexandre Ceret, good morning, you are based in Singapore and you are the founder of Jetcoin, a platform specialized in supporting young sportsmen (future professionals), you are a specialist in communication and sport.



How did you discover MyTVchain, the 1st WebTV platform, on blockchaintechnology, dedicated to sports clubs ?



Good morning, we have been introduced to MyTVchain by Marketkaps, their main Advisor. We have found the concept unique and innovative in the sports field. The support that MyTVchain brings to amateur clubs is quite in the same spirit that the blockchain community is striving to share.



Why did you choose to join MyTVchain, while ICOs seem to slow down ?



We chose to collaborate with MyTVchain on several criteria. First MyTVchain has developed a platform that is already available for amateur sports clubs, they have several thousand visitors per month after only 3 months of opening. Secondly, the MyTVchain team is made up of professionals from the television and video streaming sector. And finally, the use of the blockchain in the world of video streaming and sports, allows MyTVchain to innovate by creating a unique offer to support amateur sports clubs by giving them for the first time a tool that allows to support the clubs financially (with a social dimension) and animate their communities of members, fans, and supporters.

The philosophy and the essence of Jetcoin is to support young talents in the world of sport so our collaboration with MyTVchain is a strategic choice to allow the development of customized web TV channels for our pool of talents who need to be known and recognized.





Finally, what particular message regarding MyTVchain, would you like to communicate to us ?


The MyTVchain team has created a unique platform that provides financial support to amateur sports clubs, including the smallest ones. We work together to make a difference through unique technology solutions developed on the Blockchain. We will continue our work on the MyTVchain ICO and our investor presentations, in the coming weeks and months of 2019 and particularly in Asia. We have a lot of positive feedback on the platform that hosts a growing number of sports clubs. We focus our efforts on increasing the number of clubs and especially abroad through an ambassador program that we are currently opening. I just want to spread the word to all amateur sports clubs on the planet: join us! we are building today together the success and innovation of tomorrow's sports world !


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