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Interview with Lionel Péan
Par Manu TEBIB - 21 December 2018 à 13:43





Hello Lionel Péan! You’ve been yacht racing since you were 15, and since then you’ve won many races, both solo and with a team. What are some of your recent challenges?


2018 was a busy year, where I set up a company, SEAFLOATECH,? ?specialising in floating leisure structures and offshore moorings for the creation of harbours and marinas - and became chairman oftheMarenostrumRacingCluband??theB? ailiffofSuffrenTrophy. 


For 18 years, the Bailiff of Suffren Trophy has followed in the spiritual footsteps of Admiral Pierre-André of Suffren, Bailiff Grand-Croix, who was a member of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, also known as the Order of Malta. 


Having been a part of the crew on board the Moonbeam III of Fife, I know first-hand? ?the dedication of the ship owners and teams to this incredible trip from Saint-Tropez, along the coasts of Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily, and finally to Malta. However the Marenostrum Racing Club decided that we should explore new horizons in 2019, in order to prepare for the twentieth anniversary of our great race in 2020. We had spoken with our crews and gone through the books on our illustrious Bailiff, and it seemed important to us to open a sailing route taken by the man made famous by his fighting spirit, innovation, and victory in the naval battles in service of his country. 


So for the Bailiff of Suffren Trophy 2019 XVIII we chose the theme “The Battle of Minorca 1756”, where Suffren, in charge of “l'Orphée” during a campaign to recapture Minorca led by the Duke of Richelieu and helmed by the Admiral of Galissonnière, took part in the Liberation of Port Mahón in June of 1756, the event and route of which will rally the public and inspire much curiosity. 


The 18th Bailiff of Suffren Trophy 2019 will be organised by the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez (SNST, Var, France), the Yacht Club Alghero and the Lega Navale Italiana (YCA & LNI, Sardinia, Italy), the Club Maritimo de Mahón (CMM, Mahón, Minorca, Spain) and co-ordinated by the Marenostrum Racing Club (MRC, Saint-Tropez, France); and already over 20 boats are expected to take part in this new adventure. 


To meet these challenges, good communication is paramount; whether it’s sharing our know-how or showing the quality of our products for SEAFLOATECH. We want to? ?emulate the Classic Yacht owners, their crews, the historic stopovers, and the commitment of our partners for the Bailiff of Suffren Trophy and for both my activities to ensure the best development. 


Today you use your website and various other media to reach out online. How did you discover MyTVchain, the 1st WebTV platform to be dedicated to sports clubs and powered by blockchain technology? 



Like many others keeping their eyes open for opportunities to develop what they’re passionate about, I discovered MyTVchain via a tweet by ?Frédéric Jouve?, the former general manager of the Sharks d’Antibes and a friend. 






To increase your presence on social media and give your videos a boost you made the choice to install your web TV on the MyTVchain platform. Why was that? 



The Marenostrum Racing Club is a small organisation and ?MyTVchain? offers us unparalleled opportunity to broadcast to as many people as possible, all the while remaining in control of the content, distribution, and value creation. 



Other than your many projects for 2018 and 2019 that you’ve spoken about so far, what would you like to deliver to your audience of enthusiasts? 



The sea is 74% of our Earth! It’s the future of our society, whether it’s to feed ourselves, to live there, or to express ourselves through this wonderful sport which we call sailing. The values taught through sailing (adventure, surpassing your limits, team spirit, ecology, technology), the fact that we can’t cheat the elements that are also the clean energy used to move boats as they fly on the water, and the extremely low access cost, considering that the power of commercial tools and the impact of its broadcast mean we are only at the beginning of what will be on the sea in the future. In this respect, developments of tools like MyTVchain bring solutions independent of the usual broadcasting channels and will allow my sport - which is also my passion - to increase its broadcasting, and gain prominence? ?in the sports of tomorrow. 



Lionel Péan, thank you for the interview and we look forward to seeing you again soon on MyTVchain?. See you soon.