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What problem is MyTVchain solving ?
Par virgiled - 15 November 2022 à 10:02

MyTVchain is a SportTech connecting athletes and fans through streaming and blockchain technologies, born in 2018 from expert in the streaming and sports businesses.


We are solving 3 problems that sports clubs and federation are facing :

-  Offering an accessible, free and uninterrupted streaming to their fans.

-  Getting control back over monetization, copyrights and datas.

-  Adding a web3 layer to create a better fan experience and monetize.


Streaming has been a revolution. OTT Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) is becoming a primary consumption model for viewing live sports.


Content that was previously not broadcasted on legacy TV chains can now be widely available anytime, streamed by clubs themselves on free mainstream platforms.


That’s a first step but yet, clubs they are leaving too much on the table.