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Recap LinkedIn Live - Streaming : what is at stake for Federations ?
Par virgiled - 26 January 2023 à 14:00


What is at stake for sports federations and clubs when it comes to streaming ?

This is the big question we answered last wednesday 25 January, during a live chat on LinkedIn organised by MyTVChain.

We were joined by Alexandre Bard, from the French Cycling Federation, Olivier Ligné, from production company Phoenix Events, as well as Romain Schindler, head of Sport en France media.

Here is a summary of this conversation, which provides keys to understand what is at stake, as well as practical advices to all clubs or federations wishing to start streaming their events or to improve their practices:


Why should clubs stream?

- to keep alive sports or disciplines that are not broadcast on TV

- to create a link with their fans, their practitioners

to have data for monetization purposes to compensate for the decrease in licensing revenues


Where to broadcast?

- either as widely as possible by going to find people where they are: YouTube, Facebook; TikTok, Twitch or MyTVchain.

- or on its own streaming platform : a personalized, controlled and protected environment

- or both (MyTVchain offers a recast function)

- beware of music rights and algorithm cuts on platforms


How to film?

- There is no excuse, it is no longer a technical or financial barrier

- smartphones such as the Swish Live application, partner of MyTVchain

- automatic cameras, fixed or mobile, auto follow like Move'n See, partner of MyTVchain

- productions with volunteer or professional cameramen


At what price?

Solutions exist for all budgets, from a few dozen €/month for simple solutions to a few hundred /month or per match for more sophisticated solutions.


For what return?

- feedback is always positive after a learning period

- the Cycling Federation now has 10,000 subscribers and is aiming for 25,000 for its platform

- the broadcasting of youth teams from amateur clubs regularly reaches several hundred views, such as Vitrolles Sport Volley Ball on MyTVchain


Practical advice

- take full responsibility : digital transformation is not an option, it is a must.

- test different formats on different platforms to reach your goals of satisfying existing fans or winning over new or occasional fans.

- don't underestimate communication : let people know you are streaming.


For more details, replay the full conversation here (in french)