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Partnership with Sport en France
Par Lucas Condello - 26 September 2019 à 10:00

MyTVchain supports “Sport En France” by making available a Replay option to promote sports.


PARIS, September 26, 2019 - MyTVchain is the first web TV platform dedicated to sports clubs and athletes, and are now announcing the opening of the Sport En France web TV channel, The Sports Movement television. This channel was launched by the initiative of French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF), and dedicated to promoting all disciplines, all federations and their clubs.


Together, MyTVchain and Sport En France wish to promote another way of watching sports, through a Web TV platform for all sports, based on equal opportunities and not on audience prejudice. SPORT EN FRANCE’s Web TV on MyTVChain supports the mechanism implemented since May 28 with the launch of Sport in France on Orange Boxes, Free, Bouygues and SFR and on the dedicated website


In a few weeks, MyTVchain has set up a solution allowing Sport En France to benefit from:

• A Web TV allowing the broadcasting of replays on the Internet (

• A technical infrastructure allowing automatic retrieval, processing and dissemination of replays


• The possibility for sports federations and leagues to create their Web TV for free, to broadcast their "live" and "replay" and to automatically recover the video streams of their sport programs in France.


"We are proud to be the relay of Sport En France to show the diversity of French sports often not widely available. MyTVchain is fully committed to promoting all sports" explains MyTVchain's COO, Junior Bouis.


About MyTVchain:

MyTVchain is the first web TV platform dedicated to sports clubs and athletes developed by the blockchain.

MyTVchain allows sports clubs to create their web TV and engage with their communities (fans, supporters, friends and families) while generating additional revenue to develop their activities.

Advertising-based revenue models are declining on the web and sports clubs need to find new sources of funding. With MyTVchain and thanks to the blockchain, it is the community that takes control of the content and creates their value. Users (MyTVchainers) are rewarded in token for each video watched and shared, they can also give a part of their tokens to their favorite club, buy services from web TV clubs (subscription, purchase of exclusive videos, etc.) or distribute tokens to the publishers with the best quality (filming, subject, etc.):


About Sport En France:


100% sport chain, Sport En France is at the service of all the disciplines, all the federations and their clubs, intended for all the public and which is in a concern of pluralism, diversity and promotion of the 107 federations and Associate members of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee. Broadcasts, debates, magazines, portraits, live and light-hearted events, more than 500 hours of original content will be produced and broadcast by the channel every year, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Sport en France is published by Media365, a subsidiary of the Reworld Media Group.


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