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What role is web3 playing in our strategy ?
Par virgiled - 15 November 2022 à 10:08

Web3 belongs to its users, who get rewarded for maintaining the network.

It is a tool to get financial power back into the hands of sports fans.


In that regard, it has the power to strengthen the connection between fans and clubs.

Driven by the $mytv token, MyTVchain is pioneering the convergence between web2 and web3 within the sports streaming.


Our vision for web3 in sports is called “fan2earn”, which has 3 layers : Watch, Collect, and Play.


-  “watch” is directly connected to our streaming layer. As said in the previous question, Fans will be able to watch content and be rewarded for that.


-  “collecthighlights from clubs and athletes as NFTs.

-  We launched our first NFT collection with 9 times Rallye world champion Sébastien Loeb, that is currently paused.

-  We have a Marketplace that is ready to launch so fans can buy and sell these collectibles.

-  On top of the streaming layer, we have the vision to implement a live minting feature, so clubs can create NFTs from their stream.


-  “Play” with you NFT cards. Owners will be able to participate in challenges to get even more rewards.


We think that revenue redistribution to every stakeholders within our ecosystem should be automated and publicly accessible. We make use of the BNB chain to achieve this.


Our conviction is that these cutting edge technologies should be integrated as transparently as possible in order to delete the UX related frictions it has brought.


Our objective is to allow the general public to enjoy sports streaming the way it should be.