Frédéric Jouve, Advisor of MyTVchain
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Hello Frédéric Jouve! After founding several private local radio stations in the 1980s, you’ve continued with much success to meet the challenges of a long career in the media and radio (FUN, NRJ, RTL1 et 2, France Télévision). 


In 2014 you decided to join the legendary basketball club “Antibes SHARKS Côte d’Azur” (the 3rd most successful club in France - source LNB) first as the general manager, then as Vice President, and finally as the Administration Board and Club President.
You created a Business Club with 160 partners to its name, a start-up incubator (“Start me Up”) integrated into the very Club that you placed in the heart of the Azur Arena (5300 seats). You’re establishing this Club as a media brand capable of meeting the challenges of the Sports Business of the future.


In other words, your background and expertise in the sports business are more than well-established. Could you tell us about how you came across MyTVChain? 



I was one of the first to be contacted for this project. I already knew its founder, Corneliu Fridgant, a serial entrepreneur with whom I had already had the chance to meet during the basketball after-match parties at Antibes. “OnePlace2B”, the platform that he was managing at the time (which would later become ?MyTVChain?) had already been calling me. I had also visited their premises at the time, at the heart of the legendary Studios de la Victorine in Nice. 



Why did you decide to work with MyTV? 



Probably because I can’t resist the call of innovation, and also because I love that kind of challenge. This world is in total upheaval, as are all the sectors of the economy and industry. Elite sport and the media are no exception. I was lucky enough to experience the end of the state monopoly on the media, the advent of independent radio, the arrival of satellite networks, of Minitel, the Internet, GAFA, AI - and now blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. 


I love the age that we live in, because I’ve always thought that evolution is part of human history - and adapting to this reality is not only the best way to be happy, but also to contribute, in my own small way, to the development of this new world. Maybe it’s a fault of mine, but I feel like anything’s possible when we find meaning in what we do and we’re genuine in our actions. I’m probably a Darwinist... 



What do you think about the new technological challenges we face today, like blockchain technology and cryptocurrency? 



First of all, the blockchain is now a reality, just like crypto-assets. It is no longer a matter for debate - this point is crucial. The market has been fluctuating for several months now between 300 and 400 billion dollars. This is the global crypto market cap - in other words, all the money, all the value, and all the cryptos in circulation on the market. 



Could this be a one time thing? 



As with all rapidly emerging markets, there’s speculation that is contributing to the overvaluing of certain currencies, just like with the Internet bubble of the 2000s - but this will all be regulated by, among other things, legislation that is being put into place around the globe. The head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, has launched an official appeal to the Central Banks and the world’s States, asking them to review the issues surrounding cryptocurrencies. Coming from her, it’s a powerful acknowledgement. 



What’s the situation like in France? 



We need a legal framework. We need to legislate and become “Blockchain oriented”, because we are already losing so much French talent; people who are leaving to develop their start-ups abroad due to the lack of existing structures ?in France. The consequences of this are disastrous in the short, medium, and long term, because this means that France will not be in a position to compete on tomorrow’s international market. This means a huge shortfall in terms of value, new businesses, and thus new jobs. “As long as French banks aren’t “cryptos friendly”, we’re not going to be taken seriously by investors,” says our Financial Advisor François Le Page de ?MarketKaps?, with whom I absolutely agree. 


Blockchain’s stakes in the future are just as important as job creation and environmental issues, and what’s more, it’s irreversible! 


It’s critical that the State acts as the driving force to bring together the French banks, who are a key element in this evolution, along with every institution allowing our country to remain a powerful nation in the world. 



So, coming back to MyTVchain ? 



I find this concept, of delivering a “turnkey” Web TV for amateur Sports Clubs and athletes, to be fantastic. It’s going to give them vitality, allow them to generate income, engage with fans, and create a virtuous economic system. Head over to the site ? and you’ll see the quality of what we offer. I also like the transparent approach of MyTVchain



So anybody can invest in this project? 



Of course; if you would like to invest, go to the dedicated site ? and you’ll see the White Paper along with the entirety of the project, all the business plans, and the tech info about the platform. We no longer live in a world where business takes place behind closed doors. With MyTVchain, the ledger is open and everything is transparent - it’s completely different ?than the Madoff system, even if we’ve talked a lot about “Ponzi” in this sphere. Everything will be regulated, 


and the newcomers like today’s big investment funds will be in serious and scalable markets.
As well as that, MyTVchain is a human team - people like you and me who are fighting with strength and conviction to bring this French project to the international level despite the lack of support offered by all stakeholders in this country. I admire what they do and I support them as much as I can as an Associate Advisor. It’s the entrepreneurs who create a country’s wealth - and I can tell you that the price they pay in their personal lives is often heavy. 



So what can we do? 



You have to push them and cheer them on as if it was a French team in the Champions League final; and it doesn’t matter if it's not our hometown that's on the pitch.
Our future, our economy, our jobs and thus, our well-being and happiness all depend on France's ability to influence the European and global markets. We need to generate leaders, unicorn companies, companies that can compete with GAFA. 


MyTVchain is one of these companies in the making. It’s critical that we support them; you can start by registering on the website as the first step.
The more members MyTVchain has in its community, the more it will attract foreign investors to this wonderful idea. 



And you, what are you up to at the moment? 



I’m working with several projects, including the launch of a platform for audio content aggregation intended for the International stage - and supported by Blockchain of course...

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